Tom Bouwman - fortepiano

Tom Bouwman is a Dutch Mozart-scholar and forte-pianist. He has published several scientific publications on the life and work of Mozart and is currently working on a new book about the composer, together with cultural-theologian Frank Bosman. Bouwman’s lectures on completing Mozart’s fragments and the improvisational practices of the late 18th-century have been well received throughout Europe. After a concert on the 14th of December 2012 the Prague newspaper ‘Lodové Noviny’ read:
“Bouwmans enthusiasm for the subject is highly contagious! …after the lecture his unorthodox performance of Mozart’s KV570 put the audience and the composer into direct contact!”
Bouwman initially studied piano with Peter van Korlaar and organ with Jos Wielakker with whom he also did extensive studies in harmony and counterpoint. Later in his studies he specialized in the 18th-century piano-forte and historical performance practices. Bouwman’s concerts are characterized by  an unmasked pleasure in music-making and a thorough knowledge of 18th -century performance practices, like the ‘ex-tempore’ improvisation of cadenzas in piano-concerto’s. His latest project aims at organizing concerts and re-instigating Mozart’s masonic music in Dutch Freemasons lodges. Additionally he owns one of the largest collections of books and scientific publications on Mozart in the world. A collection that spans well over 1700 titles and is regularly consulted by students and scholars alike.